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Orange County Pools and Spas is family owned and operated for 50 years. Established in 1969, we pride ourselves on our knowledgeable, dedicated staff, who know all there is to know about pools, spas, swim spas, supplies, and chemicals! Our business is built on our commitment to minimize YOUR workload and maximize YOUR fun.


We offer above ground pools, in ground pools and on ground pools, spas and hot tubs to help you relax and rejuvenate. For your fun, fitness and health, we feature Wellness Series Swim Spas . Want to a basketball or tennis court in your own yard? Look at this! We design and install Home Courts.


We also carry a full line of Pentair filters, pumps, heaters & accessories. Plus pool toys, of course. Click here to shop online at Orange County Pools and Spas to go!


At Orange County Pools and Spas, we’re here for you through the entire process: from helping you make the initial selection of your perfect pool or spa, to design and installation, thru servicing, maintaining and answering any questions you may have.


Vinny Moscatello Sr.

Chairman of the Board -

Started cleaning & servicing pools at 15 & has over 45 years in the pool business

Vinny is married to his wife Marny & they have eight grandchildren. Ages 4 through 9

Vinnie Moscatello Jr.

​President of Orange County Pools & Spas -

2001 Graduate of St. Bonaventure University 

Married to his wife Yvette for 10 1/2 years. They have 3 kids. Kendall 8, Kaden 8 & Devyn 6



“Thank you for ALL your help!! You really take care of your customers and you do it so well. I HIGHLY recommend you to everyone I know.”

- Regina

“I called the OCP team yesterday. I was having trouble with my Hayward pool pump.
A very nice, very professional young man guided me over the phone on a possible fix for my filter. I followed his instructions and “bingo” it worked. I buy all my pool products from OCP. They are a great group of nice people!”

- Christopher

“I have been using Orange County Pools and Spas for over 10 years. The staff are wonderful, knowledgeable and customer orientated. This is a wonderful business and I would recommend them to everyone!”

- Angela

“Just wanted to let you know everyone at OCP are so helpful with all my pool needs and they always explain what and why I use certain things which I really do appreciate, also you always feel like family when you go in. Thanks, OCP and Vinnie for all your help!”


- JoAnn

“Thank you staff at OC Pools….you’re the first to help at the drop of a dime….so glad we purchased our hot tub, redwood house and pool with you….the best!”


- Maria

“I was just in a little while ago and always the staff is willing to help from the minute you walk in the door. Kudos to everyone there.”

- Neil

“Pool is looking great! Thank you all as always for your help!”

- Monica

“Thank you for your help this morning. Pool is open and we are ready to go. Love the dolphin and turtle and can not wait to see what the solar light that changes color will look like tonight!”

- Pat

“Great staff and I love their products!”


- Elizabeth

“Thank you for the excellent customer service Angela! You, Kathy and the team went above and beyond our expectations last weekend. We’ve dealt with the rest. No one comes close to the best! The “OCP”, Orange County Pools!”


- Martin

“I just want to thank you and the team at OCP for helping me get our pool ready for the season opening BBQ pool party this Memorial Day weekend. Your customer service and knowledge is greatly appreciated.”


- Mariano


General FAQs
In Ground Pool

What size are swimming pools?

With a pool from Orange County Pools and Spas, your backyard aqua paradise can be created in any shape & size to fit your needs and desires.

How long does it take to build a pool?

Most pools take approximately 4 – 6 weeks to complete. Schedules may be delayed due to rain, inspections by city /town inspectors, & unavailability of specially ordered items for your custom designed pool.

How do they dig the hole for the pool?

Size of the yard & access to the pool area will determine whether a backhoe or bobcat will be used to excavate your pool.

What kind of decking can I put around my new pool?

There are many choices of decking available to complement your home & new pool paradise. Flagstone, brick pavers, and stamped concrete are just a few of your options.

Do I have to put up a fence once my new swimming pool is built?

Check with your local town, city or homeowner’s association. Most require a fence for safety purposes in a subdivision. You may want a fence for your own protection. You may also want to check with your insurance agent.

About Ground Pools

What shape above ground pool is best for my yeard?

It depends on the size of your yard. Oval pools are great when one side of your yard is considerably longer than the other. In that case, an oval shape above ground swimming pool will fit into the area available. If you have ample room in your backyard, the shape you choose will depend on what you find most pleasing to look at.

What type of above ground swimming pool is stronger - a round or oval?

With today’s materials there really is no great difference in overall strength between the two styles.

Which pool type has more swimming area - round or oval?

A round pool has more swimming area than an oval pool of the same length. For example: a 24′ round has more area than a 12′ x 24′ oval.

What features determine the quality/durability of my above ground pool?

The features determining the strength and quality of your above ground swimming pool are the strength of the top rails, uprights, and pool wall, as well as the quality and thickness of the vinyl pool liner.

Can I stand or sit on the top rails?

No. Sitting or stand on the rail can damage the pool’s structure. Plus, it’s slippery!


How should I select my Pool Contractor?

Interview prospective pool builder & ask for references of completed projects. At Orange County Pools and Spas, we believe in providing our customers the highest quality craftsmen and technicians who use only the best materials and equipment. Our mission is to provide you and your family with many years of enjoyment in your pool.

How much can I expect to pay for a pool?

There are many factors other than size that determine the cost of a pool, including site conditions such as access & additional pool features such as adding a spa, waterfall or special decking. If quality craftsmanship, top-notch materials and great customer service are important to you, Orange County Pools and Spas should be your contractor, the best in pool construction services in the Tri-State & surrounding areas.

How much pool can I afford?

Determine how much your budget will allow and allow yourself an additional 10% above that amount in case you decide to add or change any features during the construction process. You may also want to include any additional costs for landscaping around your new pool.

What options are available to finance my pool?

Determine how much your budget will allow and allow yourself an additional 10% above that amount in case you decide to add or change any features during the construction process. You may also want to include any additional costs for landscaping around your new pool.

How much will my electric bill increase?

A pool increases your electric bill very little increase.

How much will it cost to maintain my new pool?

For the do-it-yourselfer, the maintenance costs will run about $15-20 per month. We also provide monthly maintenance contracts for a reasonable fee.

Can I clean my pool myself?

Upon completion of your new pool, we will give you instructions on all your pool maintenance needs. However, if you do not have the time or prefer to have someone else maintain your pool, we offer pool opening, closing and maintenance.


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