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Let us build more than a backyard basketball court. We can create a safe place for your family to laugh, play and build memories, a place that your family will never outgrow.


We specialize in playing surfaces and sports components will stand the test of time, and are designed to integrate together, making it possible to play dozens of games, activities and sports on your multi-sport game court. Orange County Pools and Spas will help your family build your dream basketball court, tennis court, volleyball court, roller hockey rink, netball court, and handball court.


When building a backyard court, it is crucial to understand the court building process. We are trained, to help you design your Home Court multi-sport game court to fit your backyard, activity level, and budget. They also ensure that your family receives a basketball court that not only looks great, but also performs great and helps you avoid those costly unknowns that come from poor preparation.


No matter if you want a backyard basketball court where your kids can practice day and night to take their athleticism to the next level, or you want to know where your kids are by having the hangout house, it is time to give your kids a reason to turn off the video games and get outside and have some fun. Contact us to get your free estimate today, click here.